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The Citroen CX range although now somewhat dated still enjoys a considerable following through devout enthusiasts both in and out of the Citroen Car Club. We therefore stock a supply of spheres for these models including the somewhat scarce 700 cc Estate rear units which have been out of production for some time now.

Since on both saloons and estates the rear spheres are installed within the subframe, their removal is not as straightforward as later BX, XM and Xantia models, particularly on the estates. We find it more cost effective for both the customer and ourselves to re-gas the rear spheres in situ. This will only he attempted where there is a reasonable residual pressure within the spheres.  However, in the event of the spheres discharging prematurely (within six months), the cost of actually replacing the spheres with reconditioned units will require to be borne by the customer less the amount initially charged for the re-gas .    

Prices are as follows:-

Replace front spheres and main acc.   30ea        Re-gas rear spheres   25 ea.

                    Re-gas brake accumulator                  25             Replace brake acc.     50

                    Replace rear spheres (saloon)             100           Replace estate rears    125 (exchange)

Costs, therefore, can vary between 150 and 215 depending on condition and work involved. We will require your car for either the whole of a morning or afternoon and all work is of course, by appointment only.

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